Brand Story

Jayden Martin (JM), who once worked for several Swiss watch companies at a young age, has been designing watches for over 30 years. He is good at blending aesthetic designs with the precise technology of watches and is tremendously passionate about it.

As a child, he showed great interest in the precise mechanics of watches. He often collected all kinds of watches and accessories. Moreover, he would tear them apart and then rebuild them in order to better understand the mechanism and structure of each part.

By chance he went to Great Britain, where he was drawn by the history and culture of English aristocracy, among which the elegance and nobleness of those English gentlemen’s dressing style had captivated him the most.

In recent years, going for innovation, he has decided to combine watch mechanics with dressing taste on clothing accessories. For example, precise movement gears and tourbillions are attached to cufflinks, demonstrating the harmonious existence between beauty and precise mechanics.

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